According to the new report from Nikkei Asian Review, Google is reported to be releasing its very own smart speaker with a gorgeous screen.

In this report sources with the supply chain, and concludes that Google is developing this product for the holiday season, with the targets to the 3 million unit of Google first batch production of a smart speaker that comes with a screen.

The smart speaker companies would continuously develop new innovation of technology as a direct opponent of the Amazon Echo Show and the other word a Chinese retail Alibaba, the two Google’s greatest competitors in the artificial intelligence and the data-mining industries.

Until now Google has depended on another partner like LG, Lenovo Group, JBL, and Sony also launch its product using its Smart Display platform, which gives smart speakers ability of quality displays.

But if the technologies search giant does arise its own Echo Show opponent, it would help the company fill out its Google Home range of smart speakers, the company’s most famous voice controller Google Assistant based on artificial intelligence.

In this time, Google offers three smart speakers without display: Google Home, Home Mini, and the high-end Home Max, generally opponent with Amazon’s Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot.

But Amazon has also production smart speaker product include with the display, which can provide supplementary information in response to the questions made using voice commands.

The company’s Echo Spot and Echo Show each have a fixed screen that can display things like videos, photos, and images that would be helpful when the searching information feature using voice commands.

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In September, the Echo Show was a significant hit amongst the most major tech reviewers, until Google doesn’t remove most popular YouTube app from their platform.

From variety reports in October 2017 that widely available data suggested Echo Show sales accurately rejected after Google determine to remove YouTube from the platform.

Nowadays YouTube has been too much importance to these “smart display” devices such as small kitchen equipment. Conceptually, a user generally asks smart speaker “show me pie recipes” and instantly the device would display a video walking and found such kind of pie recipes.

The most popular issue “how-to” video on the internet live on YouTube, which is owned by Google. So without this kind of things, especially cooking tutorial videos, like a product Echo Show video are less useful.

In a short-term, YouTube is the killer app for these devices, and in the long run, this gives Google a huge level of success.

Past year, Google has released various Smart Display devices, unfortunately, they have all failed to grab the observation that the Amazon Echo product already have.

Some of the time Amazon markets these products on its homepage. And the other word some of it is purely pricing and usability issues.

Truly Google will be pushing hard this holiday season to change the report around these devices. Lastly, it owns the key to the most desired smart display app.

Now in this time it just needs its own smart display speaker to make it easy for people.

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