There only one reason to buy the Google Home Max and that’s increase volume up of the environment

Otherwise, it’s like having a crazy expensive and powerful gaming computer with the high-quality graphics card, but it only using them to play similar volume, actually it’d be totally worsted your money.

Compare to other Home Max is the most expensive smart speaker when compared to an Amazon Echo ($100), and other speakers like Google Home ($130) and even Apple’s HomePod more expensive like ($350). If you compare to bass it worth because you feel it what best for you.

After the launch of Google’s Home speaker in 2016, the tech giant Google has enlarged the Google Assistance power to smart speaker family with the Home Mini ($50) and also Home Max.

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The Home Mini it great with its performance and quality wise, If you’re starting out with a smart home, but the sound quality isn’t top precedence. Still, the Home is Google’s best value product for smart home hub and also perfect room-filing audio. The Home Max captures its own class with the loudest sound and deepest bass quality in the group.

While the Home and Home Mini are compact and blend with your home instrument, the Home Max is a big hooting speaker. It’s nearly double the size of the HomePod and larger sound than any product. There’s no place to hide in the room.

The Home Max is also heavyweight like that 11.68 pounds, you can carefully consider where you place it. Delicate bookshelves or table and everywhere you want.

The Google offer to the consumer the Home Max in two colors: Chalk (the white case with gray fabric front) and other Charcoal (black with fabric front). Both look extremely fine, but I feel like Google missed some of the opportunity to make the fabric front customizable color variant. You can easily swap out different bottoms for the Google Home product so why no to on the Home Max?

Google Home Max rounded corner and design as clean as possible. Honestly, there are many ways to make a directive speaker and the Home Max’s design of visually offensive once you’ve figured out where to put in your favorite assistant.

Home Max control button and port are plain minima up top are a touch strip can control playback system. It using process just simple Tap it to play and pause and swipe on to control the volume segment.

Since how it responsive the touch-sensitive sensor on the Google Home is, I was little disappointed to find out the strip on the Home Max to be subordinate. On the several functions, the strip failed to register my taps and swipes.

You’re better off just commanding the Google Assistant to do all these things that you never ever realize in your life, but I think it’s just funny how does it possible that voice controls are more responsive than your physical control.

There isn’t much, but what’s the more important, it available to in center position microphone mute switch, and the lower left corner is a power socket with a USB-C port for connecting an Ethernet adapter and also an aux audio port. The other material: power cable’s a pastel green on the Chalk version through it gives the speaker a little more pop. In my opinion, it’s is an odd color choice to pair with the speaker’s gray and white color.

With the name of Home Max, you don’t think its massive loud bass speaker, inside Google, ’s packed in the pretty sound package.

The speaker comes with 4.5-inch woofers for your bass and dual 0.7-inch twitter for your highs. It also builds six Class-D amplifiers, each of the two woofers and twitters.

Combine this specification with six far-field microphones for picking up your voice that measures the acoustics of the room for the auto-sound calibration and also you got a powerful speaker that increase the sound.

Different between Google Home or Amazon Echo, the Home Max in another level of loud. Apple’s HomePod gets pretty mend loud its highest volume, but the Home Max is louder than ever.

The Home Max provide the loud sound environment you can feel it, you’re hairs and arm will stick. The sound vibrations for your furniture, it’s no wonder a rubber pad for the speaker to sit Home Max.

The Home Max is a smart speaker, it’s powered by Google Assistance. Which can you do all the thing that you want from your assistant either it’s smaller Google Home or Home Mini? It can do various types of things like play music, weather, jokes and also search it using your command.

These are all great- the assistant is more intelligent when the Google Home launched and the other assistant like Alexa and Siri its comes to understanding the context and voice commands.

The Assistant is of the secondary important smart speaker on the Home Max because of that if you’ve got the cash to drop on the smart speaker, you’re doing it for sound quality.


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