The search engine giant Google talked how the Rick Communication Service is a big part of Google’s new messaging plan. But now the company moving to another step to rolling out RCS to Google Fi users.

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The new RCS messaging will be available on some specific models like Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, LG G7 ThinQ, Moto G6 etc. the new service already announce last November. As well as Google also declare more 4G LTE coverage around the world.

RCS Service on Google Fi

RCS Service on Google Fi will work like a Messages app. If you have to design your home via Fi then RCS will automatically enable. In case it’s not working then you will need to download the Messages app and set as a default messaging app. That’s why iPhones are not compatible on Google Fi.

As a Google Fi customer, you get a bunch of advantage through the Message app and also you can take advantage of RCS features like typing indicators, high-resolution photos, read receipts etc.

The other hand, the most important things of sharing your data like Photos, GIFs, and videos over RCS you will not be changed for the Fi customers. You just take a high – resolution photo and video use to sharing without fear of your bill amount.

Make sure keep in mind the server rollout in this process on schedule bases, so basically, not everyone will see the feature at this moment. According to Google over the next few days you can also enable/disable the RCS feature, now you can check to Setting > Advanced Features > Chat Features in Message app


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