Google extends Google Lens based feature |

Google extends Google Lens based Android feature to iOS

Earlier this year Google Lens rolled out just for Android users but now iOS users can access Google Lens without any third party apps.

Google launched for your reference section in Maps for Android in June, and in October the Pixel 3 came with the Lens and integrated as a default camera app.

In this week Google announced that both features are coming to the iOS.

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As well as Google Maps now available over 40 countries on iOS and over 130 new countries on Android device. Now using Google Maps some family and friends can get an idea about their first-holiday vacation.

Also, the feature of Maps suggests to the user where the perfect places to go and trip details later this months.

Google Len’s live search feature is presently on iOS via Google app, and the next time you just receive a pup then simply point your camera towards it without snap. Google also provide all information like the dog breed videos advertisement.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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