Google Duplex now available for some of the Pixel owners |

Google Duplex now available for some of the Pixel owners

This is the time to prove that Google Assistant (Artificial Intelligence) powered application and services are not only just on trend but which will extremely convenient.

Also, Google has put a lot of effort into developing machine learning and neural network abilities.

The company even use Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) to process data extremely fast on Google Photos. Another beneficial feature from Google that is Call Screening powered by AL.

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Recently, the feature became available for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices, soon its capable for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The amazing feature help to the users from spam calls and avoid them without cooperation with the caller.

Now, it’s time to expand another but that’s already more popular called Google Duplex.

The feature was first announced at the Google I/O 2018 make sure recall your mind, actually it’s an AI-based and Google Assistant-powered feature which generously helps to users by a call for different services and book reservations.

To make all of the moment more realistic, use Google Duplex with WaveNet- that an audio processing unit by Google, it was specially built into Google Assistant in October 2017.

Presently, Google Duplex is the only expert to make restaurant reservations in San Francisco, Atlanta, Phoenix, and New York. Finally, the service will extend around in the whole US, as well as Europe too.

Another restriction is Duplex now only speaks in English.

Video Courtesy: Kyle Wiggers

So, here’s is a full explanation how Google Duplex works: you can tell to Google to make a reservation at an individual place, after that you can confirm the date and time, and more like how many people will be eating and so on.

Google Assistant after confirming all of the details with you then call to the restaurant and tell them everything. It’s really impressive that Google trained all of Assistant calling process and its perform well.

Google Assistant recorded all of calling details, its Assistant business. Here is another video from VentureBeat.

Video Courtesy: VentureBeat

The other hand, Google’s spokesperson has confirmed to its announcement to VentureBeat that the company started with providing a “small group” of Google Pixel users.

Actually, we’re not sure at the moment if all three generation are considered, as it VentureBeat on a tested feature on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. It’s not any kind of surprise that Google rolled out its features, specifically with an update as important as this.

Now we’re hoping to Google Duplex enlarge in more countries and mobile phones.

Technically, there should be no limit for Google Assistant when it comes to localization and supported to devices.

Video Courtesy: Google

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