The Google app is constantly changing with its incredible feature. Last September Google announced some of the big changes and one of the most changes Google Feed.

The Google apps got a refreshed look and some of the new feature but the rolled out process has been slow. At least we’re finally found after the rollout dark theme on the Pixel Launcher.

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At this moment, the Pixel Launcher had a dark theme, but its way of applied is annoying. You just enable dark mode including app drawer, notification shade and some of the small things, finally thanks to Google for making it possible to manual toggle of the dark theme on.

In the Discover panel is found on the left screen of the Pixel Launcher (it can be possible manual for disable/enable feature in setting). Earlier time the dark mode feature would only change the background of the Discover panel, wherever the cards stayed bright white.

The new dark theme based on UI and the colorful Discover logo bubble on the above of the card. You can easily configure the category, just tapping the category and it will open more cards related to the topic, but at this moment Featured image is full-width based.

However, this is the wonderful update for Google consumers and soon it’s rolling out to more devices. We also love Google’s many more apps with its amazing feature and updates.

You can download Google App from here


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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