Google has recently introduced a native Dark Model to Chrome for Desktop and it still work very much, I’m really too much excited because I’m just a fan of dark modes.

Naturally, the Chrome’s Dark Mode requires downloading one of the cognitive builds for the browser and it qualifying the dark UI flag.

This feature usable for Chrome for Mac and Windows. If you’d like to go to the zone about the details, so the information of 9to5Goog’s Kyle Bradshaw is here.

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The cool part of the new dark mode is trying to Canary build of Google Chrome for own desktop. But if you want then it can download by separately, actually, it’s quite unstable. As well as you can feel Canary Chrome on Stable version as your default browser.

Beside of the Chrome OS require something to change and the users wishing to try out the new features. There are also able to mastermind canary that can perform the Chrome OS better.

According to the Reddit users, Chrome’s dark mode can activate Chrome OS with a few minutes, but it slightly risky alterations to the operating system.

At this moment I just strongly recommend that if you haven’t any idea about those kinds of change make sure you can’t experiment to your live Chrome OS.

The Redditor u/JediBurrell was able to add the flags > enable > features > WebUIDarkMode and force dark mode, using this kind of Crash shell on his Pixelbook and you can get a new result like Dark mode on Chrome OS.

As well as you can see the images of system UI that has been entirely altered to black, the image of JediBurrell’s Imgur.


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