Google Chrome may get Chrome-OS history gesture |

Google Chrome may get Chrome-OS history gesture for Android devices

The modern smartphone getting taller with its demanding of consumers and so many devices are inbuilt with gesture navigation features.

Dependent on the research of gesture one-handed use smartphone can make easier than the standard three-button navigation bar layout.

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Wherever, gesture control now it possible every Android Pie device, besides that the Android app is playing with in-app gestures features.

The next version of the Android app starts testing gesture as to the Google Chrome, at least use for navigation on browsing history.

Normally, many of the Android device’s default browsers are Google Chrome, users can control backward and forward between pages just simply left and right swipe on the page.

The feature has already available in Chrome OS and macOS for quite some time, but in case of Googlers are examine it over to the Android.

As a recent Chrome Story, the company committed to adding a gesture navigation function for browsing through the user’s history in the Chrome browser on Android bases platform.

Another side, there’s also commit to justifying how to enable the feature. I’m pretty sure most of you are common with the chrome://flags setting page.

When the feature is released, there will be a news ‘gesture-nav’ flags are shown on the setting page. But, if the feature commits are combined then it will at first on Chrome Canary channel list.

You can easily add left and right gesture for use backward and forward navigation that will make it one-handed browser. Make sure you can use your Google Chrome browser updated version.

Also, you can easily download Google Canary Channel (Unstable) version on your device.

Video Courtesy: The Verge

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