Nowadays dark theme is the most popular for every device, after released Apple dark theme Windows also release Windows 10 dark theme.

Now Google Chrome is working on a dark theme of the desktop platform and macOS could be the first operating system that access to Chrome’s dark theme.

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According to the latest report, Google already working on the dark theme to the desktop platform which includes macOS, Windows 10, 7 and Linux. We hope Google may be working on a dark theme and shipped to recently.

Google is working on a dark theme project for Chrome browser and who can’t wait for the dark theme then try to extensions, posted on Reddit by Chromium developer.

Also, “meanwhile native dark mode support is in progress way, we basically suggest to people use the dark theme, but the dark theme isn’t supported on mobile version Google Chrome for now.”

Recently a Chromium Gerrit revealed that macOS is the first operating system that could support Google Chrome dark theme. Moreover, likely Google will similar changes to Windows and other platforms soon.

Similarly, Google Chrome will automatically change its visual theme but while the user of Windows 10 can change theme following this way Settings > Personalization > Colors > Default app mode.



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