Recently Google has released Chrome 72 for its mobile and desktop users, surprisingly this update improves more security beside of new feature for developers.

The Chrome browser release news setting menu for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system and also the feature provide web authentication API improvements and completely block the pop-ups during page upload and more.

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You can easily update Google Chrome desktop browser and get the latest version of Chrome browser and feature by following this way Help > About Google Chrome.

The other hand you can get the latest Google Chrome feature by updating you’re mobile Google Chrome browser on Google Play Store.

The New Feature of Chrome 72

The desktop version of Google Chrome 72 browser removes the ability to setup Chromecast dongle using the desktop browser. According to the report from 9to5Google, the users of Google Home app for Android and iOS could go to the chrome//cast and setup Chromecast dongle manually.

Moreover, these changes are only for the setting process with casting tabs, video, and audio that still very easy and persistent.

The settings menu gets autofill support for its sections and also people open their Google Account settings directly.

For the Windows users Google Chrome 72 also starting with Web Authentication API improvement with added layer security, the Chrome browser now allow to users the sign-in process using security, Bluetooth U2F key, and other security methods.

Besides that, the Mac users also get Chrome 72 supported authentication process that connects over BLE. Along with that Chrome 72 also restricts pop-up for a longer time during the page uploads, whether the pop-up blocker activated or not.

The Chrome 72 for Windows also blocks codes by reducing the crashes issues using third-party software. The list of updates that fixes a total 58 bugs is here.

The New Feature of Chrome on Android

The Android is much popular beside iOS and Chrome is the native browser on the Android platform. The Chrome 72 on Android will bring a way of feeling to see the tab history and few changes to tab the menu button, and also security improvement as well.

According to the Android Police, the Chrome Duet feature that closer more option to bottom overflow menu and as well Web Authentication API improvement to allow log-in using security key and Windows Hello supported.

Unfortunately, this feature hasn’t publically available, its still behind the flags settings, probably Google enable it in the future.

New Chrome Feature for iOS

Happily, Google Chrome 72 has been also released for iOS users, and change some of the new UI settings

  • iOS device supported many search engine and Google Chrome one of them, but it performs better than any kind of search engine after update Chrome 72 version.
  • Fixed some of the crashes on web page translations section.
  • A Digital Assistant Siri Shortcut start with a new search

Finally, you can download Google Chrome 72 on Android from Google Play Store and iOS device on the App Store. For the desktop version, you can easily update your Chrome browser then you will get Chrome 72 browser.

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