Google Camera 6.1 reached with newly released Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The feature of the new model newly version of UI and some of the extra feature that performs better than the older Pixel devices, like RAW capture support, its capture audio via external microphone during video recording, also HEVC encoding and more.

Google Camera is always has been fabulously popular through the community of Google and the HDR+ processing feature can change camera performance to any kind of smartphone.

The Google Camera on the Google Pixel 3 such as a number of trending feature like Top Shot, Night Sight, and Photobooth, which users have been expecting to ported other devices.

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Now XDA Senior Member Arnova8G2 brings moderately working Night Sight and Live Google Lens to the OnePlus 6 and some of the other devices. In case of Arnova8G2 is one of the developers who received OnePlus 6 from the company.

The early version working without any issues, although the Night Sight photos are hit or miss at the moment, it present state working is the great sign of future development. The advantage of Night Sight, it takes photos in low light without using a flash.

Actually flash creates unnatural light and its effect on photos as exposures and shadows, but Night Sight dodges works like capturing lots of photos with slightly higher exposure time and then switching them together.

Now Night Sight will be available for the Pixel 3 but a few days later it also available other Pixel devices in the future.

The Live Google Lens feature identifying objects in a frame in real time situation. It has a delightful feature like business cards or scanning QR codes, besides that some other features.

Unfortunately, Slow Motion, Photobooth, and Super Res Zoom are now isn’t working. We’re expected next update it will be fixed. This build version is an early alert what’s come, so we recommend a thread that explores the latest developments.

Video Courtesy: Mashable


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