Google Assistant is more standard on Android Phones, but another side Google also found another way to extends its reach, while the keynote at CES 2019 Google integrates the Assistant to the Google Maps for both of Android and iOS device.

On the way you can easily share ETA, reply to text message with playing music without closing the navigation windows.

Wherever putting the Google Assistant into Google Maps you can realize Google ecosystem, and the biggest reason for iPhone users lack interest.

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Actually, the Apple consumer can’t install Assistant as a separate way from Apple Store, but it has also a huge amount of base Maps. That’s the reason for iPhone owners can get all information from their naïve assistant Siri.

On the event, Google also announced you’ll be managing your flight with your helpful Google Assistant when checking boarding pass. Unluckily, the amazing service the only US for now, but luckily you should hit among major airlines soon.

The other hand Google’s expected to reach a billion devices with Assistant and also end of the month it reaches on over 10,000 different devices from 1,000 brands.



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