To the dedicated Safer Internet Day, the search engine giant Google has released a new tool that focuses on data secure beyond Google’s own sites and applications.

The Internet giant has released a new Chrome extension called Password Checkup that will become part of your internet browser and it also helps to your account from third-party data breaches.

Besides that Google has released a new feature that called Cross Account Protection. The Password Checkup tool works by fetching while your username and password mixture are unsafe for use online.

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According to the Google the data confirming with over 4 billion credentials that have been compromised. Along with the extension will trigger an automatic warning notification and suggest to the users change your password. The extension works on the same Google secure accounts.

Google said in a post “we already set automatically reset password option on your Google Account, if it may be uncovered in the third-party data breach”

The search engine giant always focuses on users data security, and Google new security tools have tested by the data privacy-protecting team. The data protecting team also explain the new Password Checkup tool has been tested from Sanford University, wherever the extension is released its first version.

Google introduced Password Checkup tool that isn’t the first feature to warn if your certification has been compromised. The other hand one of the important tools is “Have I Been Pwned?” which also offer a database of breaches that allowing to check users data while one of your online accounts has been compromised.


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