Today, If you’ve been trying to access Google Allo, you must be upset to find  Google Assistant with massaging Allo, so, basically, Google Allo was not working properly.

According to the report from 9to5Google that Google Allo’s possibly fortune, Google also released a blog that regarding Duo, Allo and Android Messages.

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Now, Google Allo hasn’t been receiving notice from Google because of a couple months ago, Google shift development from Duo and Allo on focus to perfection the Android Messages app with continuing RCS services, which modify the true successor to the outdated SMS as a default messaging service on Android.

On January was the last time to update Google Allo on Android with showing signup again with bug and helpful Google Drive is restore borked.

Now, on the internet too much competition for the instant messaging app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line and WeChat and more. Possibly, it doesn’t any chance about Allo to success on the competition when Android “Chat” and RCS is just across the corner.

Google’s previous platforms and services have done already, it just starts with learning about Google product failure then learn something new one. Many of cases Allo’s features were mouthed to Android Messages and as a default SMS recent soon RCS client on Android phones.


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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