Google AI won't Use for Weapons |

Google AI won’t Use for Weapons

Today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai published to his statement and promises that the company won’t use Google AI, “reason for its overall harm”.

According to the employees, the company concern about this AI matter and documentary decisions going the seven work guide principles, as well as now the AI applications won’t be perfect.

Last week the company announced the AI plan changing the method on a post, the Department of Defense sparked internal protest company after a contract to the giant of technology “Google” attaching with a project called Maven.

The company employee is the concern once an ongoing slogan “don’t be evil”, the AI systematic term and empower of capabilities help to improve the U.S. military zone.

The company employees wrote that “we believe Google should not be business war”.

Moreover, the Maven Project canceled and its lockdown to Google drafts box, publicize with a refresh policy and starting a contract with Google nor build the warfare technology.

According to the Sundar Pichai don’t get address the Maven Project, and commitment that not using AI to create weapons or don’t build other technologies principle purpose to injure the people.

Google plan to work with the military in many more areas, the CEO carefully notice.

Google CEO wrote, confidently we are developing our AI system for use in weapons, we will continue to our work with the government and helping to the military in many more areas to build creative AI projects including the military training, recruitment, cybersecurity, veterans, healthcare and search with the rescue.

Google AI won't Use for Weapons |

“This cooperation really important and we’ll show our activities to the many more critical work for these organizations promise ourselves to take care and safe civilians and keep services to the members”.

In a standard way, some of the languages come with very quickly and give the implementing to the Google.

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But enough principles shouldn’t clear to the employees and the rules really impact on Google, the other tech companies haven’t faced the same level of criticism like the military contracts.

The company should move pressure to the other tech companies and make a similar commitment.

How the government handles its work, Sundar’s principles enhance the AI areas, as well as avoid creating or reorganization system and reactive privacy design principles.

Google AI won't Use for Weapons |

The privacy issue is most impactful for tech companies grip system which can increase the level of popularity in the future, and how the companies take responsibility increasingly powerful tool AI.

Many of expert has called about the AI system, it’s is the main part of tech companies, using this part company are increase growth level.

But Google publically announced and commit to a standard, it could same rule to other ones.

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