Google added code on YouTube for slow down Microsoft Edge |

Google added to code on YouTube for slow down Microsoft Edge

The search engine giant Google has rejected it modified YouTube code to break Microsoft Edge, thus slowing down its performance wherever users streamed YouTube video, actually, a Microsoft former intern claim this issue.

Microsoft Edge especially builds for graphical browser experience include in Windows 10, as well as Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One devices, replacing old default web browser called Internet Explorer.

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According to the report on Wednesday from The Verge, Google argued the claims that made by Joshua Bakita, who a former software engineering intern at Microsoft, who said, Google added a hidden empty div over on YouTube videos and that’s why its showdown on Microsoft Edge browser.

But, according to Google, it just fixed a bug in YouTube. A YouTube spokesperson was quoted as saying, “YouTube does not add code for optimized the other designed browsers, and quickly fix any other bug when its discovered.”

Moreover, Microsoft was a comment on the individual claim by its former intern. Also, The Verge told, “Google has been helped for its partner and we look soon that the journey of Microsoft Edge will fulfill in the future.”

Previously, a post on Hacker News, Bakita released details of YouTube incident that conviction about some Edge browser engineers that Google added a code that Impossible to break.

Also, Bakia claimed, “Microsoft decided to end EdgeHTML because of that Google kept making changes its sites that can easily other browsers, and we couldn’t keep up at the moment.”

Also, he added, Google input a hidden empty div tool on YouTube and its easily affected Microsoft’s hardware acceleration for videos. Beside of that Microsoft, Firefox programme manager said recently that an individual YouTube redesign made for the site Edge and Microsoft. The previous month, Microsoft said the scheme that can adapt the Chromium open source project for development of its Edge browser.

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