Google introduced Gmail on April 1, 2004, and now it completes 15 years of journey. On the Gmail journey, it can provide many more features with secure data and also 1GB of free storage space with lightning-fast Google search built the app.

Gmail continuously to help people manage their work and personal lifestyle with protecting smart labels and spam filtering to smart reply, wherever ensuring that email remains a secure, safe and user-friendly experience for all.

On 15 years celebration of Gmail has released a new feature called Email Scheduling, we want to make easier to respect everyone’s in digital well-being. According to the Google blog post, the company adding a new feature to Gmail that allows people to choose when an email should be sent.

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Image Courtesy: Google

Google just explaining about Gmail’s feature that the new scheduling is to able to respect your email recipient’s business hour, it can maintain your time to in an advance, the feature which will certainly be useful for the colleagues that communicate from the different time zones.

The email scheduling functionality will allow to the select time and date for your message to be sent from accessible by clicking the regular send button. Wherever the essential feature hasn’t been giving any time frame for release, it will start rolling out and probably Google release as soon as possible.

Besides the time scheduling feature, Google is expanding its Smart Compose capability to all Android devices using the Gmail app (Including iOS), as well as four new languages like French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are compatibility with Gmail.

The Smart compose learning the common phrase within your email text and subject lines provide the suggestions to complete to your sentences as you want to type.

However, there’s no clear announcement of the Gmail features when it will available globally, but we can expect to roll out over the coming days.

Source: Google


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