Ghost Android apps just work silently on Android phone |

Ghost Android apps just work silently on Android phone

If you ever have seen that your Android phone’s app collection, and you might notice that the number of unknown or ghost app on your phone. Not all of the apps are bloatware, but there are some of the specific purpose apps that Google places.

You probably didn’t see those kinds of apps icons on the screen, but the app’s functionalities are important.

Android Accessibility:- 

The earlier app called Google TalkBack, it means people with incapacities, it recognizes your phone read/describe the things on the screen, and its provide various feedback and more. The other side it also permits to ‘switch access’ which is to control your phone function with an external device.

ARCore Function:-

Recently this app introduced on Android phone and you will see this app soon. The app supported to Android 7.0 devices and Google’s platform extended the reality functionalities.

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Carrier Services Feature:-

Nowadays you probably noticed that SMS and WhatsApp messages feature increase limitless way. Here is some technology will arrive called Rich Communication Services (RCS), the technology permits emojis, read receipts etc. Carrier Services introduce the text messaging app on your phone that use RCS feature.

Device Health Protection:-

The Google Pixel smartphone has this kind of app. It permits all those battery functions to see inside of the settings like screen and battery percentage.

eSIM Manager Feature:-

Whereas e-SIMs are just active for iPhones and Apple Watches in India, as well as now Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 also e-SIM inside the phone. The e-SIM manager just like an app that will manage telcos settings on this SIM, also Google determines to allow its usage in India. Actually, e-SIM is a virtual SIM built into your phone that can be controlled by any telecom operator.

Android System WebView Feature:-

Do you ever know that how Twitter, Facebook and some of other apps open webpage inside easily? This is the Android System WebView allows doing that. It primarily open Chrome inside of another app, without disturb the Chrome app.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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