The self-described platform Gab has gone offline, the “free speech social media platform” is now taking time off the internet, after touch the landing under the spotlight when it was detected the suspicious that involved Pittsburgh’s synagogue shooting as a poster when users on the site.

Also, Gab posted on its homepage and announcing that the site will be “unattainable for a period of time” it works around the clock of a new hosting provider.

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A popular online payment website PayPal now banded Gab website and cut off all online transactions.  Also Gab’s new hosting service Joyent continuously suspended the site from Monday 9 a.m. ET, Oct 29.

Gab “free speech social media platform” now gone offline |

The company domain register from GoDaddy and GoDaddy asked for the platform to take business anywhere.

GoDaddy told, “we also aware that they are moving the domain in 24 hours to another provider, as they have abused our term of services.”

“Over the weekend in response complaints received the company, GoDaddy investigated and detected countless instances of content on the site that promotes and motivates violence against people.”


Gab “free speech social media platform” now gone offline |

Unfortunately, publishing platform Medium has also currently suspended Gab’s account, the social site had made a statement “unmistakable disclaim and condemns all acts of terrorism and violence” hopefully the statement has now unavailable.

Gab “free speech social media platform” now gone offline |


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