You know that how website asks for permission by sending the notification all the time, mostly you never agree to it, the internet web browser Mozilla Firefox noticed that and started an experiment in its Firefox Nightly browser that builds for block those requests which until the users take certain actions on a site.

According to the Mozilla collected the reported from Dec to Jan less than three people of users accepted the notification and most of the users are dismissed, wherever, almost 19% of alerts caused users to leave the site immediately without allowing notification. The notification is harsh to the users by promoting the camera/microphone.

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Therefore, Firefox Nightly will show the notification request until April 29 and the icon will appear on April 15 in the address bar that indicates the site wants to send the notification. Mozilla recognizes that this probably isn’t the most graceful solution to the problem, but the Firefox Nightly is a testing feature.

However, Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell just recently tweet “the team also looking into many schemes to tamp down on” notification request spam.

Source: Mozilla Nightly Blog

Via: Android Police


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