The internet browser Mozilla release “Firefox Lite” on Wednesday in India for the fastest mobile browser.

Besides that, the company has also partnered with Times Internet and DB Digital that can provide to its users.

Surprisingly, the web browsing app is less than 4MB (probably less than 10% of the size of other browsers) and it comes most essential privacy protection features.

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According to the Head of Mozilla Asia Product, Joe Cheng said, “India is the second largest online market globally and the projects grow over 666.4 million in 2023. A bulk of Indian’s internet users and a lot of mobile internet users. So, it’s a huge opportunity to authorize them.”

The other hand the Mozilla Firefox Lite app also provides private browsing feature and tracking protection that help users to block advertisers or websites which one use web trackers for collecting data.

The Mozilla Firefox Lite is now accessible in 15 countries India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, China and more. Mozilla Firefox Lite is now available on Android.

Source: Telecom.Economictimes.Indiatimes


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