Facebook’s new press to be more transparent have already hit an obstruction. Surprisingly, the company presented a new tool that user-friendly and users easily see any ads an individual Facebook Page is running, but the advertisers have already found something new around it.

The social media giant “Facebook” middle of dealing with the number of the crises over the privacy, policy, security and faithlessness use of the tools on its platform. Also, deal with one of the bigger imminent problems- Russia-linked Internet Research Agency did in 2016 with some bad actors potentially using the social network’s ad network to secretly impression to the elections. Facebook came up with a solution that emphasized transparency.

In June, Facebook rolled out with info and Ads section on Facebook Pages. The new feature info and Ads section works like anyone can go to any Facebook page and click on info and Ads section in the page’s menu to get a full review of the all that page’s, also the active page ads as well as all the posts the page spending money to promote the particular post. In advance this feature wasn’t centralized, many of the ads only visible if you happened to be one of the users that the as was targeting the audiences.

Some of the Facebook Page administrators have disputed against the changes in private Facebook groups. They say that the competitors can use info that Facebook’s transparency policy provides in this new changes, to the sale of the product and promote using reverse-engineer’s marketing strategy. For example, when a person clicks on Info and Ads tab on the politician’s page, it could expose types of people targeting and how they’re trying to reach them.

Unluckily, the page administrators, there are no exemptions on the rule- Facebook wants to make all ads and capture the identity of who’s paying for them, available to the public and unfortunately, there’s no way to remove the info and Ads tab.

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Past weekend some of the private Facebook groups a few page owners have started to share the workaround that the feature hides the Info and Ads tab of all posted.

On a Facebook page tab hiding process just simple. On the page’s setting option click edit page on the left-hand side menu.

There have a few options, including the Templates section. Every Facebook template available the Info and Ads tab as a non-removal default- also every Facebook template except one.

Also clicking the Edit button on the page settings next to the current template and scrolling down very bottom of the page it has pop-up window shows a template called “Video Page.” Before a week ago this brand new template launched and also Info and Ads rolled out. But the Info and Ads feature isn’t including in the default Video Page template.

Primarily, any Facebook page owner careless to what type of page they run, its possible to switch their Page’s template to a Video Page, and also hide Info and Ads. The Facebook users coming to the built page with Video template, but it will not to find easy, click the navigation that exposes all the ads that running on this particular page.

Moreover, access to the Video Page simply easy, still Facebook ads publically available but they aren’t any possible to visceral access. Many of Facebook user would know how to do this and which possibly doesn’t line up with the “transparency” of the company’s rules and regulations.

To be clear, the failure to appoint the Info and Ads as a default Video Page template appears like something that the Facebook overlooked. In the response from Roboticplanet, we’ll update this story if you send the more substantial response.



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