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Facebook’s latest variation report is underwhelming as ever

Surprise, Surprise: Facebook is still overpoweringly white and male.

Facebook’s fifth annual reports released on Thursday. Although the company still have race and gender issue over the employee, according to the report it slightly increases the number of employees who are women and people of color.

Universally, the increase of women employees grew from 35 percent to 36 percent and the number of senior leadership positions 28 percent to 30 percent.

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In 2017 the number of black employees slightly grew from 3 percent to 4 percent, and Hispanic of number 5 percent. Facebook employees are still extraordinarily white(46.6 percent globally) and Asian (41.4 percent globally).

The increasingly level employees black and Hispanic is able in technical roles (1 percent and 3 percent, individually) and senior leadership positions (2 percent and 3 percent) remained unvaried over the last five years.

Actually, the number of the senior leadership of black positions rejected slightly compared with 2017, from the percentage of 3 to 2.

Especially, according to the report of Facebook’s board no mention of white and male, Sheryl Sandberg promised earlier this year more various candidates of the board positions are growing their skills.

Facebook’s chief officer Maxine William Said the company plans to work closely historically and Hispanic colleges to the future.

We are going to hire more people from the broader range of backgrounds, In case it’s not enough to simply show up at colleges and universities.

Williams wrote in a blog post “we need to create extra facilities for their practical training opportunities for those students who build on their future base on academic experience.”

She also noted that variety isn’t about race, gender and ethnicity, and also LGBTQ U.S. identify employees has increased from 7 percent to 8 percent.


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