Facebook’s latest hack had leaked 29 million users account data, but evidently, the scammers wanting financial gain, better than the ideological or political purposes.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the investigation on Facebook hack information and the Journal claimed that the behind those attack the spammer already pose on Instagram and Facebook as a Digital Marketing company.

Also, the incident has been investigating since Sept 25, when the social media giant Facebook’s security team detected that someone downloading a large amount of digital data from the social media platform.

According to the spammer demand, this kind of hack can possible to do access any Facebook account. But the spammer only accessed limited type of account less than their demand. Along with the spammer motive only money, not like ideology.

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In this hack, 15 million accounts data leak like phone number, email and many more essential documents. Besides of that 14 million user details like gender, location/language with relationship status are accessed.

Actually, people are responsible behind this attack, “View As” feature already available on the social media platform but they do not check it out properly.

Facebook’s VP of Product Management Guy Rosen said “we are cooperative with the FBI on hack incident. The FBI is vigorously investigating and asked us regarding this not to discuss behind the hacking incident.”


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