Facebook has just announced a new featured called “Why am I seeing this post?” which also help to understand closely the content that shows up on your News Feed from Group, friends, and Pages that you follow.

Not only that the social media giant Facebook provide more control over your News Feed, the users can also easily manage the post and interact with on the site.

Image Courtesy: Facebook

Facebook says this feature is the first time to build its information and directly ranking on News Feed into the Facebook app, noting that it just literally part of efforts to be more transparent with the targeted audience by its algorithms.

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According to The Telegraph’s first report, all you have to access to do click or tap the drop-down menu on the right-hand corner of the post. You can easily manage the certain post on your News Feed, for example, you’re a member of A group or page on Facebook, as well you can control all of your following Page or Group and you also use the shortcut and personalize your News Feed for better transparent your chosen content.

Facebook provides you to more control on your News Feed
Image Courtesy: Facebook

The other hand Facebook says the feature of “Why am I seeing this post” Which is smartly available today, the feature that wanted to people more about the transparency on its News Feed. In the more controlled user can simply manage the posts they see on their feed.

Facebook also shows the information on advertiser’s list matches on your profile. Besides that Facebook is proving the details if any advertisers uploaded your personal data to its database, like mobile number, email and other sincere documents.

Facebook said in a blog post, “we will continue to recognize your feedback and develop these features over time,” similarly both of these updates are part of our ongoing investment control access by Facebook.”

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