The social media giant Facebook first 24 hours after madly shooting in New Zealand removed almost 1.5 million videos that were uploaded of the attack.

Facebook announcement through Tweet that it had been alerted by the authorization and removed the shooter’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Besides that Facebook spokeswomen, Mia Garlick says “the company also removing all kind of edited versions of the video that do not show the graphic content.”

Also said, we’ve reached out to the Facebook extra comment, and it will update this post if we recognize back.

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Before days the terror attack appears have been to go viral, with kind of shooter releasing a manifesto that also referenced to individuals like YouTube Felix Kjellberg and Candance Owens, similarly white supremacist conspiracy theories.

The other hand, he just posted the 17-minute video to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, which promoted the message go to viral.

The attack has moved to the social media sites and react just kind of content like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter that has been working to remove videos. Reddit also banded subreddit called r/watchpeopledie, wherever the company also removing the shooter that was posted to user profiles.

But the social media giant Facebook has removed more than a million copies (edited version) of the video on moderation site. The level of growth is huge, and its ability to monitor and remove the content that offensive, Illegal or disturbing. Also, it allows for suspects to use the platform to spread their message instantly.

According to the Reuters, the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern highlight she wants to smoothly speak the company all about the live streaming, wherever, the British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn Said that such kind of platform must act, and query the question about regulation.


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