The social media giant Facebook and its messenger app more popular worldwide and messenger lite have got richer with animated GIFs more feature and more, but most of the customization features were available in the full sized Messenger app.

Wherever you also receive GIFs in Messenger Lite for some of the moment, but actually they were not animated.

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At this moment people become excited to express themselves in chats to family, friends and worldwide by sending and playing animated GIFs.

Last Wednesday Facebook Product Manager Krish Gali wrote in a blog, “people use a third party keyboard and send GIF (via Google Keyboard), as well as search for GIFs in their library and send a more awesome message to worldwide.”

Now, users can easily customize their own conversation with different demanding people with groups and create the various color of choice for their emojis to make their chat own personal.

Recently, the Messenger Lite get a new update and it has rich priority service for the users but the size still under 10MB, but it also helpful for low internal storage smartphone owner.

Happily, the popular lightweight messaging app is available in 100 countries around the world and earlier this year it has also got video chat abilities and now its becoming famous.

Previously, messenger lite had a messenger’s core experiences as like as messaging, sending and receiving with sharing links and also receiving stickers.

Now it also uses same bolt logo same as full Messenger but the colors inverted like the bolt is blue and white chat bubble.


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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