Now Facebook focuses on music streaming for teenagers.

According to the report from TechCrunch, the social media giant now making a standalone video music app that probably likes TikTok.

The company not looking any other inspiration, the codenamed of the project “Lasso.” Probably the app is full-screen and directed to teenagers, though TikTok most likely popular already but make sure Facebook will discover great, according to the outlet spokesperson.

The source said, “a lot of trying to be cool and trying something like Facebook but the company isn’t.”

TikTok allows to younger user’s recorded short music video that probably their lip-synching popular song.

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Last year the Chinese tech firm ByteDance acquired $1 billion users, besides that TikTok hit 500 million users just in June. And it’s the most downloaded on Apple’s App Store in half of this year.

The tech giant seemingly looking at the teen music apps since 2016, but when it’s called about it wouldn’t be take off. But last past year Facebook has been gradually upping its musical goals.

Facebook testing of Lip Sync Lives in Certain markets earlier this year, which is just like a singalong feature meshed into Facebook live. The amazing feature rolled out today on a bunch of people updated with integration lyrics.

Facebook now focus on music app competitor of TikTok |
Image Courtesy: Facebook

Also, Facebook added to the ability to add songs to your Facebook profile, in a real tradition to the MySpace era.

The popular TikTok music app probably bet by the Facebook music system.

Video Courtesy: The Verge


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