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Facebook introduces a time-management tool for mobile app

Facebook has launched a new amazing tool that allowing users to observe how much time they spend on social network’s mobile application. Also, users receive alerts notification when they cross their limit.

In this feature can possible to do recognize how much time you have spent on the Facebook mobile app last seven days.

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The data can be found application’s menu as a “Your time on Facebook” that under the “Settings & Privacy.” Also, users can set a reminder when a pre-defined time limit has been reached.

Here is the example, suppose, if you spend on Facebook more than 30 minutes each day then the notification will be sent to alert you each time to transcend this daily limit.

Moreover, the limit can be changed anytime anywhere.

Besides of that the social media giant “Facebook” also offers a shortcut various newsfeed preferences, that allowing to users adjust their experience with their desire such as prioritizing posts from certain friends or other side unfollowing people to hide their post without unfriending them.

Surprisingly, the same feature is being consistently rolled out to Instagram.

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