Facebook and Instagram emerge to be down for some of the users across the world Yesterday. Wherever you can open both of the platforms and you see some services appear to have been restored.

Besides that, the users also reported through Messenger, other side Facebook products like Facebook.com, Instagram, and WhatsApp and even Oculus VR that also owned by Facebook is facing issues related to the blackout.

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WhatsApp appeared the issue in India, Paraguay, Argentina, Bangladesh and more than that experiencing issues with sending messages in the afternoon. Also, DownDetctor mentions that Brazil was experiencing the most severe outages.

We just tested a lot of accounts and found the Messenger couldn’t work on desktop and even mobile app also. Instagram also the same issue, posts aren’t loading Instagram stories totally down and direct message and new content post also not working. Another side Facebook’s ad section was not working properly, it just showing internal error when you just try to buy a new ad.

The social media giant Facebook also responded on Twitter, “the issue is all about related to DDoS attack.”

From the DownDetector information, the intermissions are mainly in England, Seattle, Texas, Washinton, including Peru, India and The Philippines. A bunch of users reported on Twitter and Canada, Turkey and Las Vegas noted as well.

The Oculus is also down, and one user in California wrote: “Nobody can log in a multiplayer game and also purchased through the Oculus store.” The user of Oculus also reported on Oculus store.

Besides that, the other user also noted Facebook sign into the app like Spotify or Tender wasn’t working.

It just shows an error and the feature isn’t available right now. So, if you are Spotify users and signed into Spotify then your login still valid, but once you sign out you’ll be unable to get back in.

However, the social media giant is now perfectly well and allow users to post their content. Instagram and Spotify are now running smoothly without any trouble.

Source: The Verge


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