After the Data Protection Act Facebook is to receive the heavier fine possible from the UK’s data watchdog security certificate.

The Information Commission Officer able to maximum fine require is £500,000 – as a figure that’s pretty minimal compared to the social media giant Facebook’s net value of £445bn.

According to the safeguard, people’s information “the ICO’s investigation terminated that Facebook contradicted law to fall.” It also found something energetic that is the company failed to be transparent about how people’s data was harvest by others areas.

Evidence published that an app had used earlier this year, harvest collected 50 million Facebook users data across the world. That figure has been updated to an enormous 87 million.

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Currently, the world trust and confidence in an autonomous process at the risk being interrupted because of that most of that voters don’t know what’s going behind the scenes said Elizabeth Denham Information Commissioner.

Also, Denham said that “accusations and fines punish to the bad actors, but the reality is to effect change and restore mode for confident and trust in our democratic system.”

Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, Erin Egan said after reviewing the ICO’s report and then respond about the quarry.

Egan said in a statement “also we have previously said we should complete more to investigate asserts about the Cambridge Analytica and take its action in 2015.”

Also, Egan continued “we have been working with the ICO Investigation report about Cambridge Analytica, with the U.S. authorities and other countries.”


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