Facebook has been fined half a million pounds to the UK’s data watchdog at the Information Commissioner’s Office. The ICO Facebook fined approximately £500,000 ($645,175) for the case of serious data protection law penalty.

Figure out which is the maximum fine about the ICO require still compare to the Facebook’s net worth £445bn.

The investigate of the ICO expose between 2007 and 2014, beside of that Facebook’s processing personal information of the users that allowing application developers access with their information less satisfactorily clear and informed consent.

Facebook permits to access to the users if any users had not downloaded the app, but they can simply access friend and people.

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Earlier this year, Facebook investigation at the UK regarding Cambridge Analytica case the company’s 87 million profiles access without permission.

According to the ICO statement, “Facebook failed to keep users personal information with secure because it failed to make a perfect app on the developing platform.”

The failings meant on the one developer Dr. Aleksandr Kogan, with his company GSR. Facebook data fetch up to 87 million people user information widely collected.

The investigation of Facebook regarding Cambridge Analytica data shared with other organizations and SCL. Actually, the Cambridge Analytica incident involved in political campaigning in the U.S.

The ICO ruled of the Facebook “did not do enough” after the critical data breach incident was over in 2015.

Also the statement report, “the misuse data was discovered in December in 2015, the company did not do enough to assure those who are continued to hold it had taken to timely action, with obliteration.” Facebook did not suspend to the company from its platform until 2018 after the case of SCL Group.”

The Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said, “the data protection laws “so serious” that they compulsory to the maximum time penalty under the previous regulation.”

Also said, “Facebook failed to adequately protect users data and privacy before, as long as and after doing illegal processing data fetch.” “A big company  of its size and proficiency are known better and it probably has done better.”


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