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Facebook feel sad to putting Indonesia earthquake posts

When your touch in the world, it’s possibly critical not to unknowingly stick your finger in a few places they don’t belong- specifically if you happen to be cradling the happy self-assurance of one Mark Zuckerberg.

When the natural misfortune hits, people frequently turn on to the Facebook to express sympathy and also the concern for those causes when Mother Nature’s ruthless wake.

Relatively in the case of the Sunday earthquake expand in Indonesia that has so far assumed the lives of over 300 people, other side Facebook replied by healing that concern as a problem for celebration.

It’s right when the Indonesian post on Facebook they just hoped suckers of the quiver that would endure the ordeal. Facebook also flooded their posts with balloons and confetti.

So how does bonkers happen? Well, there is another solution of artificial intelligence still has some learning at Menlo Park.

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Herman Saksono wrote on Twitter “Congrats in Indonesian is Selamat” after noticing this matter we say disparity. The means “Selamat is survived” after the 6.9 extent earthquake in Lombok, the Facebook user wrote that ‘I hope people will survive’ at that time Facebook highlighted the word ‘sleamat’ and throw to the some of balloons and confetti.

Facebook feel sad to putting Indonesia earthquake posts | roboticplanet.co

That’s simply miss understanding. Also, Facebook quickly points out that the system was just doing what’s about the previously misunderstand. Moreover, in this way, it failed to understand the accents of language.

“congrats” typing animation feature widely available on the Facebook universally, moreover the spokesperson says we regret that it materialized in this unlucky context and turn off the feature locally, Lisa Stratton Facebook spokesperson told about Motherboard over email. “truly our heart goes out of the people affected by the earthquake.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has concentrated on the machine learning as well as significant technology that could one day save data about the political influence campaigns and spam news. Moreover, in this recent shows, some of the company’s most of the basic features have ongoing on the way.

So congratulations, Facebook users, hope we all survive the future technology building to Facebook some creative for us.


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