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Facebook discover augmented reality ads in the News Feed

You’ll soon be able to try on sunglass and buy it without leaving your Facebook app.

Tuesday the social media company announced that it beginning to test enlarged reality advertisement in the news feed.

The company’s AR technology overlay digital images onto the real world objects. Example, when people play Pokemon Go on their smartphone, the technology that visually superposes Pokemon on the street corner, is considered AR.

Michel Kors will be the first brand in this platform to give Facebook’s AR in News Feed as a test drive. The new AR experience allows users to try their own profile to pair glasses and also change the product color including to purchase right in the Facebook app.

This summer the trial runs on a testing mode, also the company working other companies product with a wide variety of AR ad including the fashion accessories, gaming, furniture cosmetics, and entertainment.

Some of the famous brands Facebook has declared for this first wave of AR advertisements include Wayfair, Sephora, Bobbi Brown and the Pottery Bran. Now the ads testing also ongoing to the U.S. users.

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The isn’t the first time big AR for this company, already in 2016 the company captured the face-swapping selfie-filter app MSQRD. After the innovation, Facebook has been rolling out AR features across Facebook’s various platforms.

Facebook Messenger launched with an AR feature in May. But today’s it officially announced for ads in the news feed, Facebook also suggests to Asus, Nike, and KIA as some of the business purpose, who’ve found the success using new AR feature for Messenger.

In response, the Facebook spokesperson confirmed about their new feature camera effects when as AR and shows up in the user feed and users choose their own experiences. Example a person must tap to try on Michel Kors news feed before the camera is activated within the ad.

Currently, Boston Consulting Group guesses that over 80 million people in the U.S. cooperate with AR each month. Also, the consulting firm assumes this number to grow more than 120 million in 2021.


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