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Facebook developing ‘LoL’ memes for teen

In the past, the social media giant Facebook also introduce IGTV and Lasso features for teen, which also later to failed. Now at this moment, the company is making a product that targeting to the youth.

The other hand Instagram users also follow a ton of meme with updated regular jokes, as well as Facebook is secretly developing a teen meme hub to gain teens heart.

Besides that, the social media giant has also spent monthly developing LoL and many more things like funny videos, GIF clips, etc. Facebook’s new product is presently under wraps and its private beta across 100 school students testing on their projects.

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The student of the particular schools is working as a Facebook’s employee with a non-disclosure agreement. According to the Facebook spokesperson, “we’re running on the small test and the concept is clear to the early stages at the moment.”

Another side TechCrunch reported that the upcoming funny moment content is separated into several categories like Animals, Pranks, Fails and more. By selecting one of these, the content will appear on the News Feed on the Facebook page.

One of them will allow of your choices as like as Classics, Gaming, Celebs, School and Stand-up.

Facebook is give the confirmation of the feature that will be released in the market. Probably the information about the new product release separately as unknown.

As well as it could be release on the Facebook app or in the standalone app. Though the app is still under development who want to experience this new feature then wait for official release.

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