There are so many creative thought on Facebook and Instagram that the company has to be enrolled in its artificial intelligence to help realize them.

In a blog, the companies developers say that they have just created a faithful AI tool, its called Rosetta, it can read the text that appears on image and video frames, that also shared to the Facebook and Instagram.

At a time face value understanding tools might not seem which like the most important issue that can solve AI.

But in the case of Facebook’s researchers mention of the technology, which is designed to identify represented text in a wide variety of languages, as many as practical uses.

In case of Rosetta can read the photographed text as well as street signs, also some of the word appearing on clothing and product labels.

So while Rosetta isn’t devoted to memes, their superiority on Facebook and Instagram will unquestionable make them to major use case, particularly Facebook’s discovery of repulsive material.

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Make sure you can understand which way Facebook’s text appears on images is important for improving the experience, such as a more appropriate photo search or embodiment of text into screen readers that can make accessible for Facebook to visualize any objects.

Also, Facebook describes, adding new text into the images reading those text important to identify, unsuitable or harmful content keep our community safe.

According to the social media giant Facebook, now the system is able to process more than a billion images per day.

Facebook created a new AI called ‘Resetta’ can reads memes |
Image Courtesy: Facebook

In the process using two steps: the AI tool Rosetta scans images for text, and then use text identification to identify what the text actually says. Once the text has been recorded, the system explains what the text could mean.

Although Rosetta, Facebook is capable to improve its images search as well as the system that judge the types of images will appear in your News Feed.

In this process, the company automatically identify and remove hate speech that it may not have been capable to identify formerly.

In the future, Facebook’s says it could continuously same technology to understand the text and as well as video, although that demands a more complex system.

Video Courtesy: Mashable


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