According to the report from Motherboard, Facebook announces on Tuesday that the company is banning content that includes expressed, support. This is the latest move of the company to crack down on radical ideology and its enhance quickly to social media.

The two weeks earlier Facebook and it owned platform Instagram down for DDOs Attack after that the social media giant Facebook madly remove 1.5 million shooing videos that uploaded for the attacker from New Zealand. Besides that Facebook also remove most of the critical content that really harmful for users profile.

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The New Zealand massive video shooter was avouch white supremacist and had posted a manifesto online with claiming that immigration among people in Europe was the threat to the European culture.

Alongside people have to criticize social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, that platforms in the past have been the critical condition of its security.

After the massive critical incident Facebook adjusted its policy to ban explicit white supremacist posts, but another side it still allowed the post white nationalism and white separatism.

Last few years Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been more vocal explaining the company’s decisions and philosophy.

In an interview with Recode, he just explaining how Facebook needs to balance freedom of expression and interest in fake news and safety.

Also, Zuckerberg said, “there are really two core principle play here”, “also the company giving people voice, so that people can easily express their opinions.

Facebook also keeping the community safe, which I think most important rather than anyone. As well as we’re focused users profile to save their personal data from the major attacker.”

Mark Zuckerberg added: “The principles of Facebook is all about secure service and remove fake content from the attacker with maintaining highly content throughout the world.”


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