It’s really hurtful news for Facebook users, at least 50 million users were directly overblown by the data breach, two social network’s users have come together in a class-action lawsuit.

The incident held on early Friday, Facebook also warned to the users that their security issue, the company discovered on Tuesday, Sept 25. A exposure in the site’s view as a feature, which is users recognize what other do when viewing their profile, in case of hackers means to take over people’s accounts.

It’s a really bad situation that the consequently grew worse. Also, it became clear that most Facebook users who had connected their personal profile to an Instagram account, possibly any kind of third-party service at a risk for those secure platform.

In the lawsuit names Carla Echavarria of California and Derrick Walker, in this document also cover to the all of United States behalf person and whose reconciled in the data breach.

All of the information like names, hometowns, birthdates, address, locations, interest, relationships, email addresses, photo with video. All details determine by the lawsuit and the data users share with Facebook.

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The lawsuit main aim that Facebook’s incapability to protect users data in an act of carelessness, the company worked to disguise with the filling describes the law of data security. The philosophy behind these allegations goes back to harmful incident Cambridge Analytica scandal in March.

According to the court document, “Facebook’s new data security structure perfectly latest, March 2018 when the Cambridge Analytica incident highlight, the company approach to data security.”

“Now this time Facebook was a remark that its system was extremely powerful and unprotect to attack because the company already knew given to the previous discoveries and security issues.”

The other word, If Facebook didn’t identify its own data security issues until the March 2018, the disclosures that planed should have stimulated greater action.

At this moment, “In responsible facts about security, it’s complicated to protect. Or altered them about the security issue. The Congress delineated and foreign governments that were faithful to highest and most advanced level security protocols.”

Also, the lawsuit asserts that Facebook abused aspects of California’s Unfair Competition Law and Consumers details Act.

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