Facebook the great social network platform can change impossible to possible things, Now it can change “open your eyes in photos where they’re close”.

According to the social media company, published in this week to research paper that the Artificial Intelligence through Facebook’s engineers creates a tool to fixes people’s close eyes in photos.

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There also 10-pages of the paper linked to the method to other photos including the removing blemishes and red-eye corrections.

While the idea is still to research way, but the first technology of upbringing to “fixes” close eyes in the photos into the account uncontrollable variables like that lighting issue. The more remarkable photo editing software Adobe does not capable to do that.

Although, now it still unclear to Facebook use this fix photos method on social media network.

The user’s privacy process ongoing and the company already undergoing their AI facial recognition technology without the user’s permission opened in April, and it suggests to tagging them in photos.

The user claimed to the Facebook’s feature and across violated laws that probated companies capture gathering of people’s personal data without their permission. And this new editing function really helpful to collect biometric data for those companies.

The Artificial Intelligences new tool explore photos of the people with their eyes open, changing eye shape and color, and mostly the software use the data transfer to open eyes of the people’s blinking photos.

The researcher of Silicon Valley Cristian Canton Ferrer and Brian Dolhansky draw the painting in this process.

But the experiment it’s not perfect.

The drawing technology can’t get the success of the blinking experiment process to faces detection ways, like that the people with sunglass and non-front facing.

According to researcher believe that, while, the problem can be solved by training period and more thing “variable-sized masks or what great essential things the variety of face and settings.

Moreover, the additional training, the same face-detect feature explore Nikon from 2010, and also which would ask did someone blink?

Recently in 2016, a New Zealand passport robot would not accept the East Asian man’s photos of the East Asian people’s eyes smaller and his eyes were closed.

We haven’t wait for the new powerful tools and whether it’s enhanced to 2.2 billion monthly active users.


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