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Facebook added “skin smoothing” and karaoke feature for live video

Who needs a skincare treatment when you have Facebook?

Last year Menlo Park-based company filed two new patents but made it publically today. As a hint- One feature that may be coming for live stream near you, and one of them help all those perceived imperfections.

The first patent explains a process for “smoothing or softening skin appearance in images or videos in a real time.”

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The concept simply clear, the selfie filter that the create glowing, airbrushed look, It would also in real time during the live stream.

The software would be made for skin care of selfie photos such as skin blemishes, wrinkle, discolorations and even unequal surfaces for less noticeable.

Moreover, it would be able to do so without removing pleasurable image details, as the things of edges/boundaries of the person’s face, nose, eyes, lips, ears, mouth, hair and the other facial components.

In other patent released Thursday, Facebook explains a feature that could necessary for live video streaming.


The patent as the Facebook Live Notes, the feature work with your instruction wise like a person broadcasting a live stream at that moment, the man create preset notes while streaming situation.

This all strategy from a reminder to full-on scripts, which create an effect called “teleprompter.”

According to the filing “the function allows the user live streaming broadcast videos to prepared script using a single device and user read the script while user looking the direction of an I/O device capturing moment.”

The patent also shares some of the hints for another potential use for the tech: karaoke. Although the next patent doesn’t prefer karaoke, it does mention to song lyric and the “Karaoke” word cooperate with images.

There is the long off karaoke feature, and its value nothing that not everything of the Facebook patents features becomes consumers facing tool. But the patent feature opens the door for everyone who just makes live streaming to hesitant on Facebook.


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