According to the market research firm, Facebook continuously maintains a double-digit growth through advertisement revenue in the US, although the growth rate slows down in the second and third quarters of 2018.

The other hand, on Monday, Forbes reported from Standard Media Index (SMI) that third quarter of 2018 is the Facebook’s year-over-year ad revenue growth rate was 16%, as compared with 30% in the second quarter but 35% in the first quarter of that year.

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Facebook, the social media giant enhance two million monthly active users globally, besides heavy criticism in 2018 about protection user privacy and also removing misleading content from its platform.

SMI CEO James Fennessy’s statement “at the national market, Facebook growth is slowing down and it indicating to the major brands to worries with recent events and focusing on brand protecting the atmosphere.”

According to the forecast and eMarketer, Facebook will generate an estimated $23 billion in the US ad revenue in 2018 and approximately $54.4 billion globally, compared to increase 36.3% the last year 2017.



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