Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been easier than usual on Twitter for the last post, it may be he’s too busy to emailing for their former staff he just called out “sabotage” and continue to process to stealing tread secrets data about the electric car company.

The Washington Post acquired an email exchange between Elon Muck and Martin Tripp, who is the Nevada Gigafactory process technician worker, Tesla accused on Wednesday. The emails were continuously sent to the same days in a district court in Nevada.

Curiously enough, Musk the famous electro billionaire CEO who is also heading space projects, the responsible hyperloop transit system, and more head-on with the blamed hacker, leaker, and framer.

Although, Tesla asserts Tripp hacked Tesla’s data system, took photos and videos of the manufacturing process system to share data with media channel and when he left from Tesla put the hacking software with the three other employee computers in an attempt to receive data.

In Wednesday the series of the message is continued and Musk calls Tripp with a “horrible human beings” and also call him out for “farming other people.” Musk tell him he defrauded the company and should be embarrassed. But Tripp didn’t hold back to responding, “you’ve what’s coming to you for the fibs you have told to the investors and public.”

We reached out to the Tesla to hear what their conversation about the whole story. Tesla said that it didn’t have any comment on the email, alone side Tripp has mistaken position himself as a whistle-blower when he stole Tesla data and made false asserts about the company’s waste, 3 model cars production number and batteries the complete damage.


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