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Dual-boot Chromebooks that run Windows 10 may be it works

Dual-booting operating system on the same computer might be for Chromebook near you.

According to XDA online software developer community, the team working behind the Chrome OS and developed “Campfire” feature that enables dual-booting system with the Windows 10.

Google also has spoken about previously of an official way but in this time the Chrome OS forum run by Google, Maybe something future creative tools are worked on in the public eye.

This Campfire feature wouldn’t just support the higher version of Chrome OS device Pixelbook but it also supported some other devices like Acer, HP, and Lenovo.

Whereas Chrome OS including code clippings don’t outline all of the specifications, it would be safe from any kind of damages hardware par, the Intel-based Chromebooks (Pixelbooks) could manage the dual-booting system.

The big caution is that you need a strong amount of storage so Window 10 is perfect for it, there aren’t many more Chromebooks comes with the large storage amount, because most of Chrome OS runs in the cloud.

According to the code system, the minimum amount of Windows partition system is 30GB. For any kind of app need to smoothly use a large amount of space (e.g. Photoshop, Quickbooks, Fortnite, etc), so I definitely you’ll need more.

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The Windows 10 that copy version doesn’t come cheap, it also various of price range like Windows 10 Home is $139, whereas Windows 10 Pro $199.

The Windows license manufacture probably cheaper, but the Chromebooks tend to undermine Windows laptop of its price range, and Windows pre-installed would increase the cost of a Chrome OS device.

Now it totally unclear to the dual-booting system could support to build of Linux like Ubuntu.

The Dual-booting Chromebooks would be a strange move on Google’s part, as Chrome OS in an alternative Windows some of the degree based.

In the dual-booting system can meeting some users and feel great experience on the Chrome OS and Windows system on some of the device. It similar to Boot Camp on a Mac, it is the best of the World for some of the specification cases.

Currently, Google brought Play Store to Chrome OS, which also allows Android apps to run naturally on the Chromebook device.

It’s the surprising new for Windows users, it might be charming to able to run Android apps on their Windows PC. Its outstanding selling point for Google Chrome OS to Window users, while they can already use Google Chrome browser as a default.

Whereas Campfire released than those totally unknowns, but numerous posts on the Chrome OS forum it’s being worked on a number of users.

Whereas it’s unclear if all those users work for Google industry, only users with a ‘@google.com’ or ‘@chromium.com’ are assumed to able to edit the Chrome OS code.

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