Google has released Chrome OS for its lightweight and easy to use on a particular laptop, it makes Chrome OS devices perfect for on computing.

Wherever we already carry a smartphone that can connect to the internet at all the moment, most of the people don’t purchase data package for their laptop, and even if you have any Chrome OS installed laptop so definitely you don’t want any kind of sperate data plan for their laptop.

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The Chrome OS has a useful feature that called Instant Tethering, but hopefully, it has been limited to the Chromebooks and phones. Surprisingly Google is closer to the feature to more devices.

The Instant Tethering is now available on 15 additional  Chrome OS device and more 30 Android phones. The feature makes it easy to connect throughout all phones. When the Chrome OS doesn’t have an internet connection then it automatically connects without any hesitation.

Besides that, the tethering is automatically disconnected after than 10 minutes when it inactivity, so you don’t worry about your mobile data.

The Instant Tethering feature is available some of the compatible devices that also sign in with same Google account. So this is the bunch of phones and laptops that run with Google Chrome OS.

According to Google the Instant Tethering feature even support many more devices in the future.

Chrome OS Instant Tethering supported 13 Comebooks and 30 Android phones
Image Courtesy: TechCrunch

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