Recently, Apple release iOS 12 in public beta, the non-developer getting their first look of the system iPhone and iPad for the next generation, and one of the most expected aspects of iOS 12, it’s easily recognizable in me like the Apple Books app, similarly known as iBooks.

The new iBook has done around already hand to hand, but they looked only Apple’s built-in library, which is nominal. I couldn’t wait to see how it’s handling a real reading situation, with a serious pre-exciting collection of stories. Specifically, it given that I’d had to travel with the iBooks and also in recent past trouble to carry my most famous 1,600-plus e-book library. So I just downloaded the beta, but it fully aware and I’d to deal with bugs.

The good news of iBook, I found fewer of bug that expected to Apple Book has some availability improvement over the iBooks. And also the bad news of this books when it’s working as intentional, still the books appear like an app built more show than the serious reader.

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Apple CEO genuinely invests in the rounded category or either he’s just treating Books like an opportunity to sell stuff (the Book is much more notable in the new app) or the windows-dressing process for push the big education.

Fortunately, the issue can be solved with a few crucial design tweaks. There still just make Books before iOS 12 officially launches in the fall.

Here’s Tim Cook actually cares.

How to lose the e-books battles

In 2010, I’ve been boosting the first version of the app launched beside of the original iPad. Now a device and e-bookstore that could be the challenge with other apps like Amazon Kindle, which was the three years old.

Now we forget that how much energy Steve Jobs consumed to sell the groundbreaking tablet as an e-reader.

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