Netflix is making it to easier keep track of your favorite shows.

Today, the company declared it will begin rolling out a feature called Smart Downloads. When it enabled the app automatically download the next episode after you complete watching a downloaded show. Today the feature rolls out to Android and it will be reach iOS late this year.

Smart Downloads will likely best for people who regularly watch TV shows during their comments. The feature works over Wi-Fi, So don’t worry about your limits mobile data. It will technically solve that all relatable moment when an episode ends, and other things aren’t saved on your phone or tablet.

Cameron Johnson “Netflix” director of product innovation told, “this is an example of looking Netflix members and come up with pain point solutions that make the experience better and help them to get more value of the membership.”

One of the smarter situations of the new feature that it will track how many episodes you like most and save in your database. Suppose, if you download two episodes and when you finish watching them, In that situation it will delete them and download the next two. Because of that the app constantly replacing the episodes when you are with them, also it doesn’t take any extra storage.

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On an Android phone, you can see Smart Download working or not in the background because a notification will always appear on your lock screen. Cameron said the iOS version of this feature ready by the end of 2018 and also it would likely look different than the Android Version. The iOS version will not support notification in the downloading process on the lock screen.

At a first glance, Smart Download is the pretty straightforward feature, but I have strongly believed it could open the whole realm of new possibilities for people who download a lot of episodes. It should be easy to keep track of your favorite shows, but some issue over a lot of travelers.

Now, Android user can stream and excited every moment. Why are you waiting to start using this feature immediately, make sure to update your latest version of the Netflix app from the Play Store?



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