Apple’s Vice president of Artificial Intelligence join Apple from Google |

Apple’s Senior Vice president of Artificial Intelligence join Apple from Google

The big data company Apple has included John Giannandrea as an executive team of Senior Vice President on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Last April, John Giannadrea joined Apple from Google, for AI and ML across the services and products, along with core ML and Siri technology.

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On Thursday, the Cupertino-based giant said, Apple’s team always focus on advanced technology and heavy machine learning into its products and produce as a personal machine, as well as intelligence and natural interacts providing for customer better-protecting users privacy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “John hit the team environment at Apple and we are a delight to have him as a part of our executive team.”

Tim also added, “machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are really important to the Apple’s future as its fundamental, people really excited with the technology, and our products already helping our customers live better.”

Besides that John’s team is already working to enhance developer experience with its tools, with Core Machine Learning (ML) and Create ML that can make it easier to combine machine learning into apps.

John Giannadrea joined Google in 2010 after the company collected his start-up Metaweb technology.

After some time he worked as a Google’s Head of Search and Artificial Intelligence and also took the position of Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google from Amit Singal in earlier time 2016.

According to the recent report, Apple at this moment needs to strong talent to improve its AI and ML functionality which drag behind its competitors like Google and Amazon.

Apple already invests heavily in Siri and Homekit to compete its competitor like Google Home and Amazon Alexa based smart home systems.


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