Apple’s USB Restricted Mode can disable Lightning accessory |

Apple’s USB Restricted Mode can disable Lightning accessory

USB Restricted Mode, a new iOS feature that protects your iPhone from unauthorized access of your sensitive data. At a glance negate that would make it quite easy for someone to beat in scenarios.

The feature, presented in iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12 beta 2, in this version supported to save your data in iPhone, even can physically access it. The phone locked one hour later and enters USB Restricted Mode, which can disable to access your data in a lightning port.

Moreover, “ElcomSoft” the security firm has revealed a new way to disable the timer, and it’s ludicrously easy- you just need to plug an accessory into the iPhone’s lightning port, and the timer is disabled.

The new USB Restricted Mode is designed to protect against devices from GrayKey, a hardware device that enables an assailant to extra data from an iOS device they don’t have legal access to it. When it doesn’t refer to full protection from GrayKey, it remarkably hampers any would be attacker by limiting the time to perform an attack situation will occur on one hour or less.

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Moreover, ElcomSoft says that simply plugging in any devices not to connect previously to that phone, Apple’s Lightning USB 3 Camera Adapter will disable the timer option. This would give an attacker enough time to bring the device to the lab and then work on it as much as the time they’d want.

ElcomSoft explains that the tricks work in iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12 beta 2, both of the devices which have USB Restricted Mode feature available.

According to ElcomSoft, in other words, the problem likely lies in Apple’s Lightning communicating protocol, the other way iPhone talks to devices when it plugged into it. When you connect the iPhone to a computed the two devices switch cryptographic keys and set up trust. Moreover, don’t have the capability to do that, so the iPhone just truly trusted device.

The other side if this indeed a bug and not aimed behavior, it might be hard for Apple to fix it.  Another side ElcomSoft says that it might be possible to make it sure the iOS devices only communicates with the devices that were before plugged into it. The fix could render numerous Lightning accessories worthless.


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