Apple’s next iOS update to release over 70 new emojis |
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Apple’s next iOS update to release over 70 new emojis

Apple has recently added 70 new emojis to public beta and developer previews that also available on iOS 12.1 as a part of upcoming software updates for Apple devices like iOS, macOS, and WatchOS.

The new emojis included some of the characters like red git envelope, moon cake, Nazar amulet, luggage, softball, compass and more. Also some of existing emoji like mosquito, llama, raccoon, swan and cupcake and more.

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On Tuesday, the company wrote in a blog-post “new emoji characters are developed based on an accepted character in Unicode 11.0 and Apple is manufacturing on Unicode Consortium extra more disability-themed emoji to the keyboard for the Unicode12.0, that’s probably released in 2019.”

Moreover, thousands of emoji are presently available on iOS, macOS and watchOS, for example, emotive smiley faces, gender-neutral, various types of clothing options, animals, various food and more.

All of the characters with new emoji like red hair, grey hair, curly hair, besides of that a new emoji for bald people for more emotional faces and animals, food and food emoji are available.

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