Ming-Chi Kuo declares that next iPad Pros will be replaced as Lightning for USB-C.

Apple’s next-generation iPad Pros might discard the Lightning port for USB-C. A new big chance might be coming soon in this years about iPad Pros.

Apple next-gen tablets will come for some of the months later and it comes with thinner bezels and Face ID support, it might be a bigger surprise into the store, it might discard the USB-C port.

Before the Apple’s big iPhone event on Sept 12, Ming-Chi Kuo speculator of the company and Apple analyst has released via 9to5Mac a bunch of Apple product that will be released in future.

The next iPad Pros by Kuo reiterates, which might be announced besides of that the three popular iPhones, with Face ID.

Moreover, the most outstanding nugget is the switch from the Lightning to USB-C.

This kind of changes would be a historic move for Apple, not like that it would be the first iOS device that uses non-proprietary Apple port because it’d make the iPad more than compute like.

In 2016, Apple’s MacBook Pro switch to the USB-C ports, although some people miss their MagSafe charging connector, the world hasn’t finished.

In case of USB-C, that means many of accessories are used in this charging ports if you would like to use iPad Pro so there are lighting version also available on the store, but those likely expensive more than their USB-C connector.

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Accessories would be only scraping the surface. But think outside of the box, if you’re hard to imagine any situation like your plug as well as external GPU into an iPad Pro, so supercharging mode already powerful A-series chip better than you imagine.

The new iPad Pros, reputed to come in two variant model first one 11-inch and second 12.9-inch, it will capacity to charge 18-watt USB-C charger.

Hopefully, Apple doesn’t announce this model on upcoming iPhone events, they will probably announce it next event on October.

The bigger question will arrive about the Lightning port of the iPhone if the iPad dumps it. It will accept the iPhone of USB-C.

Alternatively, Apple will another round of courage to remove it altogether wireless charging like iPhone 2020 concept.

Updates about Apple Watch, 13-inch MacBook and iPhone Xc

Beside of that the new iPad Pros with USB-C ports, Kuo has also calculated the 13-inch MacBook with the Retina display that replaces to the current 12-inch MacBook, it might have the Touch ID fingerprint reader without the questionable Touch Bar as we found on the MacBook Pros. At least, some of the reasonable laptop options out of there.

The Apple Watch Series 4 might amusement ceramic backs composite glass and also in advanced level support of heart rate monitoring that using electrocardiography.

Finally, Kuo says that the 6.1-inch iPhone might be called (XC or XR) also it might be released until late September to early October.

According to the Bloomberg first reports, this iPhone might be launch in a “limited edition” due to the same reason.

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